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About Us

Our story

The true Inspiration for Sprint. Breathe. Rest. ® came from our beloved Golden Retriever Jake.
Jake the Golden Retriever.

Jake was born on December 8, 2004 and my husband and I fell in love with him instantly!


11 weeks later we brought him home! Jake was my running partner since he was a puppy. I always wanted a foul weather dog that would run, walk, hike, play and enjoy all my adventures in all kinds of weather.


Jake was definitely up for the challenge and he loved to be outside in ANY KIND OF WEATHER! Every morning started with Jake bounding on our bed, waking us up with a smile and a quick whine telling us he was ready for his morning run.


Jake and I even learned to paddle board together!

We would run in the woods daily on a Land Preserve close to our house where we would run through trails, over streams, up hills and bound through hay fields.  We were both in our element and this is where it all began.

One day in 2009, I was watching Jake during one of our runs and it just hit me...he sprints, he sniffs and breathes, and then he lays down and rests.

And that is how Sprint. Breathe. Rest.® was developed.


I started drawing characters using Jake as my model and created t-shirts. The first t-shirt I made was with an iron on kit you get at a craft store…it was funny to say the least, but I was determined to make something of this and Jake was constantly inspiring me to do something with dogs and my love for the outdoors, running and Triathlons.


April of 2013, I received the Copyright for my artwork and Logo “Run Like A Dog…Sprint. Breathe. Rest. ©   


September of 2013, Run Like A Dog, LLC was formed, and I began selling my T-shirts at local Festivals and events. 

We received our official Trademark on May 19, 2015, (No. 4,740,490) for Sprint. Breathe. Rest.®

Our trademark is a perfect spin on my favorite sport Triathlon and my passion for the three disciplines Swim, Bike, Run. My goal for developing this company is to encourage people to stay active and healthy for themselves and their dogs.


On September 14, 2015 our worst nightmare became a reality; my husband and I lost our beloved Jake.  We were truly blessed to have Jake in our lives for ten and a half years and we treasure every memory.  Jake was such a sweet, gentle soul who loved everyone he met, and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Jake misses him.


Jake’s spirit will live within us forever and his gentle and playful spirit lives on through Sprint. Breathe. Rest. ®

On April 21, 2020, we launched our online store to broaden our reach to athletes and dog lovers throughout the United States.

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