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Evolving, learning, building trust, striving to always be better

Retail is constantly changing and improving like any business ...growing and learning is a big part of owning and operating a business and I love to learn, especially if it improves my business and our end product so our consumers are completely satisfied!

I have been working with GS1 US since 2013 when I started Run Like A Dog, LLC (RLAD LLC). GS1 US is an information standards organization that brings industry communities together to solve supply chain problems through the adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards. GS1 Standards are the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world.

COVID-19 certainly took it's toll on everyone throughout the world, but knowing we were using GS1 US for their industry standards made me confident our supply chain would be intact and ride out the pandemic with no issues. I am happy to say our communication with our trade partners was fluid and we are working through problems and issues due to COVID-19 with ease because of our partnership with GS1 US. And...I proudly display my certificate badge from GS1 US.

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