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Taking Paws™ A Daily break for spiritual uplift & bonding with your beloved companions ~

Giving yourself regular breaks throughout the day is essential to being productive, creative & balanced.

For those that are fortunate enough to either take your dog(s) to work or work from home, you know the importance of paying attention to your best friends by plugging in multiple breaks throughout the day to keep things balanced. Taking Paws™ is a daily reminder to create daily work breaks for spiritual uplift & bonding with your beloved companions. Consciously taking time for breaks throughout the day will help keep your mind focused and keep your dog(s) healthy & happy!

If you have to work away from home and your dog(s), dedicate time in the morning and when you get home to go for walks and to play. Dogs need to play just as much as us humans and what better way to release stress and recharge your mind & soul by Taking Paws™ and loving your best friend.

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