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Taking Paws™ ~ Essential care for your beloved companions

Summer time is fast approaching and the weather we have been having here in New England this past week has us feeling it is finally here!

While we are all excited for warm weather and fun in the sun, the warm weather and extreme heat brings challenges to our four legged family members.

Here are a few tips to keep your Fur Babies Healthy & Safe this Summer:

  1. Remember when walking/running on paved roads, they can become extremely hot and burn your dog(s) paw pads. Put your hand flat on the surface of the road, if it is too hot for your hand it is too hot for your dogs paws so choose a different path. Dirt roads and trails in the woods are best.

  2. Hydration & Shade: Make sure to have clean fresh water and shade accessible for your dog(s) throughout the day especially on very hot days.

  3. Never leave your dog(s) in the car in high heat! Temperatures in a car can become 10-15 degrees hotter than the temperature outside, so even if you leave the windows open it can be fatal for a dog. Anything above 70 degrees can be too hot, so play it safe and leave your dog(s) at home if you can't bring them with you.

  4. Jogging & Running: Getting outside and jogging & running with your dog(s) is a great way to get healthy together, but remember to monitor your dog(s) during the jog/run to make sure they are handling the distance okay. Dogs by nature stop several times when running and playing. Some breeds can handle long distances, while other breeds can only go a few miles with many stops in between. If you are unsure what is a safe distance for your breed, talk to your Veterinarian.

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Rachel Dufresne
Rachel Dufresne
May 29, 2020

Excellent information and reminders for us all. Thank you!

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