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The Best Performance Gear for Hiking with your dog

Having the best Performance Gear for hiking with your dog is essential. Layering clothes is key. Always start with a base layer that has wicking material to keep you dry.

Our Performance tank tops & shirts made with polyester & recycled polyester are perfect for your base layers, as well as our Bamboo Lyocell shirts. Bamboo Lyocell is naturally wicking and odor resistant; bamboo grows at a much higher rate than typical trees, making this material the best for eco-friendly and sustainable apparel.

Top layers like sweatshirts and fleece vests & jackets can help you stay warm during the colder months, like our 100% Organic Cotton Full zippered sweatshirts or our fleece vests & jackets which provide warmth and breathability Your dog will need their own performance gear, starting with Reflective No-Pull harness, LED Rechargeable Collar and Hands-Free Bungee Leash.

All our harnesses are made with durable material including reflective stitching, 3 easy snap buckles, soft padded handle and a front metal D-ring for no pulling.

Planning your hike and knowing how long you plan on being on the trail is critical. Make sure you stay hydrated and bring enough water for you and your dog. Our collapsable bowls are perfect for hiking or any outdoor activity and hold 12 oz. of water or 1.5 cups of dog food. Our collapsable bowls come with a carabiner to easily clip to your backpack, leash or your dogs harness.

Enjoy the outdoors! Stay active & healthy with the best performance gear for you and your dog at

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