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Why Reflective & Illuminating Gear is Imperative Outside At Night or Dawn/Dusk

Reflection & Illumination

Wearing reflective & illuminating gear when outside at night or at dawn/dusk is imperative for you & your dog's safety. You want to be visible to oncoming traffic and it is essential that your dogs are visible too.


Wearing reflective & illuminating gear is beneficial to everyone. Wearing reflective & illuminating gear like our LED Rechargeable Lights, LED Rechargeable Collars, reflective collars, reflective leashes, or our dog harnesses, will allow you and your dog to be visible in the dark. Drivers are able to see you earlier when you and your dogs are wearing reflective & illuminating gear, and it allows them to slow down, move over or stop if need be to avoid a collision with another vehicle or worse...colliding with you and your dogs.

Noxgear® came out with the Tracer2, which is rechargeable by USB. The Tracer 360° is still available, but requires 3 AAA batteries (included).

When it comes to you and your dogs safety, Run Like A Dog has you covered! Grab your Reflective & Illuminating Gear today at!

Be Seen & Be Safe! 🏃‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️🐕

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