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About our Product Development Team:


Our Product Tester Development Team was created to help us as a Company provide only the best products possible for all our customers. Our product testers provide us with objective feedback so we can make any necessary changes and adjustments to our products, to ensure our products are only top quality and meet our high standards. Product testers rate our products on quality of material, comfort, longevity (wash & wear) and style.


Our product testers go through a selective process to ensure they meet Run Like A Dog, LLC | (RLAD SBR) Mission & Core Values:


Be Happy, Healthy, Playful and Loyal!


Our Core Values (RLAD SBR):

R – Responsible   L – Loyal   A – Adaptable   D – Dedicated

S – Sincere  B – Bold  R – Reliable

Want to be a Product Tester?

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